Civil War Webquest
Civil War Webquest

Use the following sites to answer questions dealing with the Civil War:

Civil War Timeline

Differences Between North and South Slavery Civil War Topics
  • Topics:
    • Missouri Compromise of 1820
    • Compromise of 1850
    • "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
    • Kansas-Nebraska Act
    • Dred Scott Decision
    • John Brown & Harpers Ferry
    • Election of 1860
    • Start of War (Ft. Sumter)
  • Hot Link to several Civil War topics
  • Topics:
    • Secession in the Lower South
    • Crittendon Compromise
  • Topics:
    • Causes
    • Secession
    • Ft. Sumter
    • Battles and Leaders
    • Emancipation
    • Gettysburg Address
    • Conclusion
Confederate Flags Freedom for Slaves Civil War "Vocabulary" Civil War Statistics Maps Civil War Battles Surrender of South Soldiers at End of War

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